Do You Want To Have High Engagement Rate On Their Social Media Channels As Compared To Your Competitors?


    • We help brands devise results-oriented social media activation strategy that identifies your campaign objectives, KPIs, target audience & region, key messages, preferred channels of marketing, highly consumable content and number of posts etc.
    • We actively manage social media channels for our clients and keep media pages engaging and lively by sharing well-curated content and answering to queries.
    • As a leading Social Media Management Agency in UAE, we provide our clients with:
      • Monthly and quarterly content strategies
      • Social media management and account management
      • Fans and followers management
      • Online PR and influencer marketing
      • Paid media campaigns across all social media channels
      • Social media analysis and reporting
      • Social growth strategies and implementation
    • With professional expertise and wide-ranging experience in social media marketing in Dubai, Kenz Advertising is the leading 360° digital agency that creates robust social media activation plans for medium-sized enterprises.
    • Our social media consultants in Dubai are well qualified, experienced and fully equipped with the most latest social media management solutions and offer you best social media services.

Kenz Advertising Specializes In Building Your Business And Accelerating

    • Digital technologies have profoundly transformed the ways people do business, shop and live today. As digitalization has an enormous impact on business optimization and integration, it is increasingly becoming important for brands to leverage robust multi-channel platforms and tools to enhance brand engagement and boost revenues.
    • Digital marketing is all about advertising your brand through various digital channels such as search engines, emails, SEO, PPC and social media. It is an effective digital funnel that enables you to map out a customer's journey across multiple marketing channels, leading to greater increase in revenues and brand recognition.

You Can Achieve The Following Objectives:

    • To come on the first page in organic search results for a maximum number of keywords, aspeople are searching for those phrases.
    • To increase revenues with an increase in sales, presence on the first page improves webtraffic, which results in more conversions.
    • To boost up downloads and free-signups/free trials for our products or services.
    • To improve brand reputation after ranking positive reviews on the top for branded terms andpush down negative reviews.

Do You Need A Constant Stream Of New Leads For Your Business?

    • We can help you generate leads quickly and cost-effectively. We develop lead generation strategies that help you reach your targeted audience by using AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and SnapChat. .

Your success is our motivation

    • A marketing plan starts with answering very basic questions about the target audience it adheres to, like who, where, what, whom and why. These questions, at times, may prove unanswerable to companies who lack market research. Kenz believes in research and analysis of consumer data of the market it enters in. We not only answers all your W related questions about your audience, we answer the how part of your plan. How to do it – is where you'll find us different from others.
    • Professionals at Kenz understand your brand, research about it even more to draw a right plan for you so it could attain maximum objectives. And while doing so, we also buy you media at the most cost effective rates without any agency fee.
    • Valuable experience is our key selling point.
    • Your success is our motivation.

    • In a cluttered media world clients and agencies alike are turning to brand activation as a means to cut through the noise. Many brands are struggling to execute truly integrated campaigns, based upon a singular, insightful, organizing thought. Kenz provides strategic solutions for your brand to stand out among your competitors.
    • As advocates of multi-channel marketing, we get back to the basic values of understanding data (which is critical in the ideation process), insight, timeliness, relevance and creativity to ensure any activation activity is effective and how it can memorable in the hearts of people.
    • We design interactive content, digital or physical for customer to participate and share their ideas about your brand. This will in turn deliver tangible and mutually beneficial value to brands and customers alike.
    • Our deep understanding of media, coupled with years of experience in media planning ensures powerful contacts in Print and Electronic media. Our business volume with all news distributing agencies benefits us in publishing the news about your brand effectively. The secret also lies with our excellent PR team Who know how to make a headline news about your brand when you tend to do any activity.

Kenz Provides Following Below The Line & Promotion Services.

      • Offset Brochure
      • Annual Calendars
      • Fans and followers management
      • Diaries
      • Roll Ups
      • Pop Ups
      • Stationary
      • File Folder or Jacket
      • Fabrication of Promotional Stands & Digital Large Format Printing
      • Free Sampling
      • Mall Activities
      • Cinemas Activities
      • Beaches and Parks Sampling

    • From concept creation to rendering storyboards, screenplay and screenwriting. From lights to cameras and pre to post production Our team is capable to deliver artistic and vivid advertisements, robust corporate profiles, research based documentaries and exceptional films. We make your story laudable. And provide you solution to make it viral too. Because brilliance is in our DNA, and that is what we deliver.

    • No other medium empowers the brand as much as Outdoor advertising does. It brings the brand to new heights and make it a household name. A single Unipole on the busiest road of your town communicates your brand so well that it leaves a lasting impression on anyone who has seen it, even for once. Kenz provides effective outdoor solutions like Unipoles, scaffoldings, bridge banners, Mupi's, Lampposts and Hoardings. We also provide the mobile outdoor mediums dubbed as OOH or Out Of Home like branding on Metros, Buses, Trams, Taxis and Bus Shelters.

It Will Really Harm Your Brand Name

    • Social ad defrayment has reached new heights and shows no signs of deceleration downanytime shortly. Social ads have efficiently evolved with digital shopper behaviour and marketers are realizing the worth of extremely targeted inventory thatsscalable.
    • Social media has nice potential for businesses trying to extend their reach,traffic and leads. However, if its not used properly, it will really harm yourbrands name.



    • It is crucial to orchestrate yourbusiness online with a strong, professional destination that provides yourcustomers the impression you mean. Moreover, it must also give yourcustomersthe motivation to want to engage more with your business.
    • Having this in mind,you must consider following these reasons as to why you must have a strongwebsite.

We Specialize In Generating Qualified Traffic To Our Clients Sites.

    • At KENZ Advertising, we are a team of professionals who are experts at directing qualified traffic to our clients websites and social media channels. Combined with our hands-on experience of 10 years in the advertising industry, our digital solutions help you increase website traffic, visits and ultimately leading to stronger digital media visibility and ranking across search engines.
    • As a leading PPC digital media agency in UAE, we help our clients with following solutions:
      • Competitors analysis
      • Keywords research
      • Landing page optimization
      • Website analytics and tracking
      • Digital media growth strategies and implementations

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