The lifeline for businesses to stay in the market is to stay in touch with the customers and the best way to keep the customers engaged with the products and services, which businesses offer, is to go for digital marketing and outdoor advertisements. The latter is the most traditional yet the most effective way to engage with the customers. No other medium empowers the brand as much as Outdoor advertising does. It brings the brand to new heights and makes it a household name. A single Unipole on the busy road of your town communicates your brand so well that it leaves a lasting impression on anyone who has seen it, even for once.

What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertisement is a business marketing tactic through which business grab the attention of people in public towards their product or service. Outdoor advertising is also known as an out-of-home advertising. In other words, it's an advertisement through businesses reach to their customers when they are out of homes. Outdoor adverting is termed as an effective way of marketing in the sense that people usually spend 70% of their time outside homes.

KENZmena offers the best outdoor advertising services

KENZmena is one of the best digital marketing agencies across UAE. Apart from offering digital marketing services, KENZmena engages businesses with a large pool of customers through outdoor advertising. Our professional marketing team offers businesses following outdoor advertising services.
  • Billboard advertising
  • Advertising business ads on street furniture like bus or park benches
  • Pitching business ads in bus shelters, news racks and telephone kiosks
  • Ads on the sides of transportation buses
  • Marketing business ads within subway cars, taxis, along airport walkways and on vehicles
  • Ads on Supermarket shopping carts
  • Ads in Sports arenas
  • Ads in Health clubs
  • Ads in Coffee shops
  • Ads on digital billboards
  • Exterior signage
Apart from this, KENZmena provides effective Billboard advertising and outdoor solutions like Unipoles, scaffoldings, bridge banners, Mupi's, Lampposts and Hoardings.In order to engage customers in public places with your business brand, get in touch with outdoor advertising and Billboard advertising on KENZmena!

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