We Specialize In Generating Qualified Traffic To Our Clients Sites.

  • At KENZ Advertising, we are a team of professionals who are experts at directing qualified traffic to our clients websites and social media channels. Combined with our hands-on experience of 10 years in the advertising industry, our digital solutions help you increase website traffic, visits and ultimately leading to stronger digital media visibility and ranking across search engines.
  • As a leading PPC digital media agency in UAE, we help our clients with following solutions:
    • Competitors analysis
    • Keywords research
    • Landing page optimization
    • Website analytics and tracking
    • Digital media growth strategies and implementations
  • Starter PPC Package

    Package Cost: 1000USD
      • Channels: Facebook & Insta
      • Estimated impressions: 350,000
      • Estimated clicks: 3,500
      • Estimated Engagement: 3,500
      • Estimated Leads: 35
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  • Business PPC Package

    Package Cost 2,500USD
      • Channels: Facebook & Insta& Google Search
      • Estimated impressions: 750,000
      • Estimated clicks: 7,500
      • Estimated Engagement: 3,750
      • Estimated Leads: 75
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  • Business Plus PPC Package

    Package Cost 5000USD
      • Channels: Facebook & Insta, Google Search&Google Display
      • Estimated impressions: 2,000,000
      • Estimated clicks: 20,000
      • Estimated Leads: 200
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  • Pay Per Click Service

    Package Cost: 10,000USD
      • Channels: Facebook & Insta, Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, Snapchat or Twitter or LinkedIn
      • Estimated impressions: 4,000,000
      • Estimated clicks: 40,000
      • Estimated Leads: 400
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